Women Entrepreneurs

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Women@Austin is an organization creating trusted connections that advance and empower successful women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to accelerate women entrepreneurs in Central Texas so that they can have greater economic and community impact – a goal we’re actively working towards by equipping women entrepreneurs with what they need to be successful.

Founded in 2014, Women@Austin was created after several of Austin’s most experienced female entrepreneurs and executives came together and decided they wanted to do something proactive to bolster women’s ratios in Austin business – to make Austin the most accessible, nurturing place for women-led businesses in the country.

Focal to this mission are our five pillars – community, knowledge, mentoring, access to capital, and outside collaboration – which we’re using to build a mission-driven community dedicated to accelerating high-growth women entrepreneurs.



Meet our Steering Committee

This unique Steering Committee of proven female leaders is at the core of Women@Austin, setting direction and exploring ideas and innovations that help drive growth for women in this region.

Jan Ryan
Entrepreneur, Founder & President, Women@Austin

April Downing
COO, Civitas Learning

Sara Brand
Founding General Partner, True Wealth Ventures

Cindy Goldsberry
Relationships & Revenue Officer, Higher State Technology

Crista Bailey
CEO, Hideaway Report

Diana M. Holford
Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

Heather Brunner
CEO & Chairwoman, WP Engine

Laura Kilcrease
Founder, Triton Ventures

Lynn Atchison
Former CFO, Spredfast

Monica Landers
CEO, StoryFit

Lisa Graham
Owner & Founder, Notley

Pam O’Neal
Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Absolute Software

Patti Rogers
Founder & CEO, Rallyhood, Inc

Patti Soch
CFO, Datical

Jennifer Parker
CFO, SpyCloud

Virginia Miracle
Chief Customer Officer, Khoros

Yvonne Tocquigny
Partner, Yvonne Tocquigny Branding Group

Zeynep Young
Venture Partner, Next Coast Ventures

Kerry Rupp
General Partner, True Wealth Ventures

Amanda Nevins

Gail Page
Venture Partner, Turret Capital Management


“By bringing women entrepreneurs together, more female founders and executives are able share insights and overcome obstacles while connecting with a trusted network that propels women forward.”